Save Money at Restaurants

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Here are a few ways to save money in restaurants, and still enjoy the high quality food that you crave!
  • Coupons, coupons, coupons.  If you’re local – you know the Guide.  There are usually coupons along with the ads restaurants place.  Clipper Magazine has recently started mailing to and soliciting advertisers.   They are very strong with local restaurants.  If you are staying in town, check the hotel lobby for coupons AND for copies of the Guide, Sentinel (another local paper) and the Clipper.
  • Find out if your favorite restaurant has a “Diner’s Club”.   I recently visited Little John’s Restaurant (unfortunately now closed) and they had a note about their club at the bottom of their menu.
  • Order Water – yep, just water.  We all know that it is good for us, but you can save $1-2 per person on soda and iced tea; and $5 or more if you normally consume alcohol.
  • Can you go out for lunch instead?  If you are flexible about when you dine out, then the lunch menu is usually cheaper – for the same food.  The portions may be a little smaller, but that is good for our health too (along with the water!)
  • Forget about those fries with your sandwich.   All too often, fries are $1-2 more than just having chips or coleslaw.
  • Certain nights of the week are set aside for ‘family nights’, ‘kids nights’ or another special.  Take advantage of these deals.  Restaurants offer these specials on their slowest day of the week.
  • This last tip won’t save you money outright, but you get a 2-For-1: Plan on eating only 1/2 of your meal and doggy bagging the second half for another meal.  Ask for the take out container right away and put that 1/2 in there.  Out of sight – out of mind.  Don’t let it sit in the fridge for too long, or the savings will have been wasted.

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