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Red Robin of Carlisle

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236 Westminster Drive
Carlisle, PA 17013
(717) 258-1030
Red Robin Website

Not only is the Red Robin menu full of mouth-watering burgers, outrageous pastas, craveable salads and decadent desserts, but there are video games to play, TVs to watch, and guest appearances by our mascot `Red` that are sure to delight every kid from 1 to 92. In fact, Red Robin is traditionally selected by our guests as `the most fun` restaurant they visit.

In addition to our popular menu offerings, Red Robin is well-known for its frequent `Food and Beverage Celebrations,` where you’ll find innovative and trendy new food items, and `out-of-this-world` beverages created by our very own `Mad Mixologist.` These Celebrations, recognized as some of the most hip and cool in the industry, ensure an exciting restaurant visit that keeps guests coming back time and time again.

Comments (4)

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  • March 28, 2010 at 1:20 pm Carlos Rodriguez

    I have read several reviews like the above of Red Robin. You complaints have not gone unanswered. I have seen a lot changes going on in Red Robin. The new management seem to actually care and they don’t think they are better then there staff. My last visit was great. I had a minor problem but the waitress fixed it up quick. I hope they keep up the improvements.

  • February 11, 2010 at 5:00 pm Jane

    I used to go often to meet my friends in a convenient place after work, it has progressively gotten worse. Managers are rude to employees, no wonder service is always terrible, they can’t keep the help. They force employees to come in sick and threaten to fire if they don’t. I know I don’t want sick people around me and my food. Managers walk around with no clue what is going on. The food is good, when it’s not cold. Employees are lazy, and it appears that the good ones never stay more than a few months… I don’t blame them. Basically, poor management with bad priorities, bad atmosphere, lazy servers.

  • November 30, 2009 at 2:23 pm Derrek

    I have had bad service at this Red Robin as well. Food was cold and not prepared to order. We asked for no butter on the buns but they put it on anyway. We asked for sauce on the side but it came on the burger. It took far too long to bring us the food. There were about 4 other tables filled at the time. I suspect the waitress was more interested in flirting with the other staff members then paying attention to her tables based upon watching her stand around flapping her gums for 10 minutes straight with the bartender.

    I don’t tip because people are expecting it. I tip based on service provided. You start at 20% and work your way down from there. This waitress ended up with a quarter.

    When I told the manager about it, she expected me to come up with something suitable for the obviously next asked question, “Well what can we do to make up for it?” That’s not my call. It’s theirs. Offer to take one of the meals off the reciept. Offer to take the drinks off. Make some effort. All they got from me was a guarantee that we would never come back.

    I suppose not all Red Robin’s are this way and I try to stay away from chain restaurants anyway but I’ll choose any old “Joe’s Bar And Grill” before hitting up another Red Robin again. Maybe if I were forced at gunpoint…

  • November 24, 2009 at 7:44 pm b jumper

    The worst service I have had in years anywhere
    Waitress did not return for very long periods of time and forgot most items requested, food was cold, one order was never brought to the customer until I requested a second waitress to get our waitress some help
    Congrats to the very young diners who waited a very long time… and to the older one who did not get his at all till the rest of us were almost done–
    It was not busy and to add to all of this the people beside us must have been there 20 minutes with no attention at all —