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There is a service out there called SinglePlatform that helps restaurants get their menu online and up to date, across many different websites.  It makes it easy for the restaurant owner and is an awesome benefit for you, the diner!

We hooked up with the company that maintains the online database of restaurant menus and we have integrated it in the the Carlisle-Restaurants.com website.

Here is how the Online Menus work:

1. You can go to this list Carlisle, PA Restaurants with Menus Online – and pick any restaurant from that list, because their menu is connected to our site.
2. If you are browsing a restaurant listing and you see this icon to the right of the restaurant name, you can click on that icon to bring up the full menu.
3. If a restaurant has an online menu, you should also see, below the address and description, a short ‘Highlighted’ menu.  There is a link to the full menu right there too!

Sound good?  I know that many of you want restaurant menus online and this is a great start… let me know in the comments below!


Image Credit: Sam Howzit

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