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Lunch Box : Super Buffet

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Super Buffet: Fresh, Filling, and Friendly

Last Tuesday (14 February, 2012) I went to Super Buffet with a group of girlfriends. Ever since
discovering the restaurant, located in the Carlisle Commons shopping center (off of Noble
Boulevard, between the Wal-Mart and Tractor Supply), it has been my favorite place in Carlisle –
hands down. The Chinese and American fare here caters to almost every taste, is in copious supply,
and is most always surprisingly fresh. The food combined with the gracious, attentive, friendly
servers made this meal extremely pleasurable.

My friends and I all ordered the Chinese Hot Tea. The tea is served in a large pot with individual
cups, and the waitresses will refill it as often as you need. The strong green tea is brewed extremely
hot and tastes excellent – I prefer it with a packet of sweetener. At $1.00 a person for a virtually
limitless supply, it is an excellent deal.

The food – where to start? There are six buffet bars and a sushi station. Each bar has a different
theme: Chinese meat and vegetable stir-fries, fried foods and soups, Americanized dishes, fruit and
pudding, salad and kimchee, and dessert. I had two full plates, plus dessert, with food from all over
the buffet, although I did not visit the Americanized bar. Nothing disappointed, and what follows is
a quick run-through of the best dishes.

The sushi is made and rolled right there by the staff at Super Buffet; it does not come in boxes.
Typically there are four selections at lunchtime, but on weekends there are often some special
varieties. While it is nothing gourmet – I had cucumber roll, two types of shrimp roll, and a spicy
salmon roll – it tastes very good. The staff will also make special rolls on request, and while I did
not have any this past time, I have had excellent creations in the past.

The vegetables are incredibly fresh. The broccoli (a standout) and green beans are not overcooked
at all, and there are some unusual offerings such as cabbage, zucchini, bell peppers, and a delicious
peppery mushroom dish. The vegetable and vegetable-meat sautées are my favorites of the entrées.

For my meat today I had a chicken on a stick, barbecue chicken sautée, pork and cabbage, and
shrimp with peas and carrots. The chicken on a stick was very juicy and moist. The barbecue
chicken, sautéed with onions and chili peppers, has a mustardy kick and is probably my favorite
of the four. The pork tasted like average Chinese buffet pork – nothing special, but nothing worth
complaining about; get the dish for the delicious cabbage. The shrimp was buttery with a very mild
fishy flavor – definitely among the better buffet seafood dishes I have eaten.

I had the eggdrop soup – while it can look a little sad from sitting on the bar, it tastes delicious. The
Shao Mai, while bigger and more meaty than the traditional Japanese dumpling, does taste very
good, especially with the sauce served beside it. There are also two types of kimchee: a very spicy
version and a milder, vinegary, sweetish salad. The latter is my favorite. On the fruit bar, there
is both fresh and canned fruit. The canned standards include pineapple, mandarin oranges, and
lychees; the fresh fruit changes seasonally – when I was there, there was kiwi, grapes, canteloupe,
and honeydew melon. All were very nice, light, cool complements to the hot, heavy Chinese meal.

The dessert selection is massive. There are several types of cookies and cakes which are standard
at Chinese buffets, but then there is a cooler full of Rakestraw’s Ice Cream, a local brand from
Mechanicsburg. They have eight flavors – I had bits of the Mint Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter
Fudge, Cherry Vanilla, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. All flavors truly tasted homemade,
with nice bold flavors. I also had a Cream Puff and an Oreo cookie, both of which tasted great and were perfect sweet endings to the meal.

Including tax and hot teas, lunch for my party of three cost $25.41 – a downright bargain.
Super Buffet is a perfect place for a fresh, filling lunch anytime of the week; the atmosphere is
unpretentious enough for a casual drop in, but the caring, attentive, personable staff makes this a
wonderful place to go for a special meal as well (there is a room in the back for groups and parties).
I highly recommend a trip there – with the selection, quality, and price, Super Buffet will not

Reviewer: CP | February 2012

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