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Lunch Box : Redd’s Smokehouse Barbeque

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Redd’s Smokehouse Barbeque has a small menu selection, but it is very focused on Southern Barbeque.  Menu options are barbequed chicken, pulled pork, pulled chicken, and ribs.  Sides can be beans, corn on the cob, coleslaw, or sweet potato fries.  They have 2 types of bbq, either a tomato based, or honey based sauce.

Today I had a 1/2 rack of ribs, honey bbq glaze, corn and beans.  A drink is included as well – and with this platter, a piece of cornbread.

I have had both bbq glazes, and I prefer the honey based bbq.  It has a sweet, but tangy taste.  The tomato base is much more tangy, Carolina style taste.

The ribs are excellent (and have been each time).  They fall off the bone, not too much fat and quite tender.  They have not been overdone and no knife is required.  The portions are decent for the price, $10 for the whole lunch.

The sides have some room for improvement.  The cornbread, not so much – it is quite good, moist and done just right.  However, the corn on the cob has been tough, though not tasteless.  It is the middle of winter, so I know it is probably not fresh – perhaps in the summer, the corn is the best bet.  I aslo had the baked beans, made with some small bits of pork and pork fat – which definitely added to the overall, but not spectacular.

In the past I have had the coleslaw and sweet potato fries, neither were outstanding, but both were acceptable.  You can get the sweet potato fries without the sugar seasoning, and with a rub, salt or plain, if you wish.

For drinks, you can get cans of soda, tea or lemonade.  I’d get the lemonade if I were you, if only to get a better healthy serving than the soda.

Final Verdict:  Excellent ribs, with either of the bbq sauces and definitely a good portion.  The sides will help finish out the meal, but go for the meat!

Reviewer: TI | February 2012

Comments (2)

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  • March 9, 2012 at 4:26 pm Johhn

    In my opinion, Redd’s is the best restaurant in Carlisle. The sweet potato fries are by far the best side. The “sampler” will get you a taste of all their meats and their entire menu is considerably cheap.

  • February 24, 2012 at 1:57 pm Louise

    Love Redd’s!!! And I’m even a fan of the cole slaw and baked beans. Delicious food!!!