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Lunch Box : AYA Japanese Steakhouse

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As of right now, there are 3 restaurants that serve sushi in Carlisle, PA.  Chen’s Asian Restaurant, Mount Fuji, and AYA Japanese Steakhouse – which is where I went for lunch.

There is more on the menu than sushi, but that was the goal today.  I ordered the Maki Set “B” – which is your choice of three rolls from the lunch sushi roll menu, miso soup and a salad.  I also added on 2 extra rolls since there were 2 of us.  I skipped on the soup and the salad, so let me get to the review of the sushi rolls.

  • Philly Roll – but I substituted raw salmon for the smoked.
  • Yellow Fin Tuna
  • Salmon and Avocado
  • Spicy Tuna Roll
  • Eel and Avocado

Generally speaking, these are not fancy rolls and most beginners know them.  All  on this list are raw, except the eel roll.

The rice was prepared just right and the nori (seaweed wrapper) was not “tough” or in the way, as I have sometimes encountered.  None of the rolls tasted fishy, which is excellent.

The Philly Roll – At AYA, this roll is made with smoked salmon, cream cheese and celery.  I have had it at other locations with fresh salmon and I prefer that, so I requested the roll be made that way.  No problems – and the order came correctly too.  My lunchmate felt that the cream cheese was overwhelming to the taste of the roll.  I can agree that if there is too much cream cheese, it will over take the taste of the salmon.  It did not bother me at the time, but as I think about it, I have had some rolls with too much.  I can’t complain about the portions today.

The Yellow Fin – This roll was excellent and is a very simple roll.  Nori, rice and fresh tuna.  Perfect today!

Salmon and Avocado – Here I felt the avocado slice may have been a bit large compared to the salmon slice.  Fresh salmon is very mild and it can’t compete against other flavors.  This was a good roll, but the least favorite for today’s lunch.

Spciy Tuna Roll – Chopped up, fresh tuna, mixed with scallions, mayo and chili oil.  This was great – more spicy than I have had in the past and I am not sure if this is how they always prepare it, or if they were just a little hotter today.  Loved it!

Eel and Avocado – Cooked Eel, Avocado and a sweet brown glaze.  Simply excellent – the best roll today.

I do love sushi, but I am not a sushi snob by any means, and my descriptions about the rolls above are just to help you understand what these rolls are, in case you don’t know.  I have eaten at AYA about once a month since last summer (2011) and I can say that I have not had a bad experience yet.  Maybe one salmon roll that was a little tough, but mostly fine.

Sushi costs too much (anywhere) for me to enjoy weekly.  Our bill came to $26 +tip – and when I go by myself, I usually get the Maki Set “A” or “B” – which run $11-13.  I do highly recommend AYA if you like sushi – and if you are a sushi beginner, or have never tried it – find someone to take you here.

Reviewer: TI | February 2012

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